Monday, January 21, 2013

Why yes, my grandfather was a ventrilioquist on the radio

One of my most favorite movies is Woody Allen's Radio Days, which is, not shockingly, the story of his childhood set against the radio stories and music to which his family listened. (Given my love of radio, how could I not?)

Anyway, Allen's protagonist explains how one of his aunts loved a radio show starring a ventriloquist and his dummy. To quote the uncle, "He's a ventriloquist on the radio. How do know he's not moving his lips?" I don't get the joke, you see, because my grandfather was a ventriloquist on the radio.

Grandpa and one of his good friends

Also, if you've ever wondered what my family thinks of me getting a degree in medieval history, you might now wonder if I'm the "normal" one. You might be right. 

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