Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ABD to PhD: Week 2

Long-term Goal: write Chapter 3 (Overview) of my dissertation

Week 2

Goal: 1) Go back to records and fill in all the information about where/when the Convocations met in order to 2) complete short section on that and then write it up.

Outcome:  I was able to go and finish inputting all of the information about when/where the my meetings met and even discovered a cool tidbit that can be used - in conjunction with another section - as an article (my adviser suggested that when I told her). I only, however, wrote up a paragraph about it all.

Goal for Week 3: My goal for this week is to finish writing up the section and to also write up a list of questions that I feel I need to address to complete the chapter.

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  1. You really look like you have a lot of things to do with your dissertation paper. And it is good that you know how to write a phd dissertation because the progress looks good. Anyway, I do hope that everything went well with you paper. Keep us updated!