Thursday, January 3, 2013

Modeling My Natural Form

Also known as: you will never be alone in the bathroom again, so just tell yourself it is to help your children have realistic expectations and embrace their own bodies as they age.

Just keeping it real over here with my non-Smartphone photo

I'm not sure how well this will work towards helping their sense of self as they grow up, but it's not like I can keep them out of the bathroom or bedroom. Neither has a lock.

(1) let my girls know what a normal, female figure looks like: CHECK!

(2) do not make negative comments about my normal, female figure: in progress.

(3) do not stand in a dressing room bemoaning my legs as my little girls watch me, only to turn to them and say, "You both have my legs!": not yet by me, but pretty much every shopping experience with my mom growing up (and that's a lot! Oh, and my mom is 5'1" and never weighed over 94lbs my entire childhood and adolescence).


  1. And now I am wondering how to raise a boy to be realistic about himself and others ...