Monday, January 14, 2013

Social Media for Research?

As mentioned in my Contact and Growing My Blog sections (and if you noticed the button to the left), I joined Twitter this past Friday as @GradSchoolMama.

I have been having a blast. You know those "Blogs I Read Daily" also to the left? Okay, well, I started following Matt Logelin and he started following me! He does seem to follow a lot of people, but I still felt some love since he doesn't know who I am (although I have commented sporadically over the years). Then, last night when I wasn't watching the Golden Globes because I was trying to get Z to sleep, I tweeted back and forth for a bit with Heather Spohr. Yeah, all that happened. I know, you can't stand it. Neither can I.

But what's even more amazing (what could be more amazing? I KNOW! but it is) is that I tweeted a question to the Parliament Trust on Friday afternoon (@HistParl) and they not only tweeted back where I could find an answer this morning, but, then, they asked if I had access to a certain book and said - without waiting for a response - that if not they would email me a Word .doc with the information! I am seriously dancing for joy about social media making my research easier.  The information is just to set up some comparative history and isn't even a large chunk of the chapter I'm working on, but I know it's important and helps provide context. And this cuts down on the time I need to spend hunting up the answer (plus, when I can get my hands on it, I really want to check out the book they suggested).

I can't decide who I want to marry more: twitter or the Parliament Trust. Warn H.

So what are our thoughts? Is is alright to turn towards social media to help research endeavors or is it klassy (definitely with a k)?

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