Monday, January 14, 2013

My Campaign to work for Stuff You Missed in History Class

According to Oprah, if you want something you must put it out to the universe. So, universe, I want to work for Stuff You Missed in History Class.  As I detailed in my list of 'Plan B' options, it combines a great many things I love (research, the masses, education) and, to be honest, is now really my Plan A, but I'm still calling it a Plan B. (I get really attached to labels.)

Let's discuss the campaign:

1. Submitted CV and writing samples for freelance work. Have not heard back yet.

2. I am going to try and write up an account of some historical happening for this blog - albeit once a month as, you know, dissertation. Please let me know any suggestions you may have. I am going to try and limit to 1,000 words because, again, dissertation.

After discussing it with some other fans of the show and friends of mine, they had these suggestions:

3. Write really awesome comments on their site. Since their blog doesn't seem to have been updated since May, I will be focusing on FB.

4. Pitch awesome ideas. I'm not sure if this one should be limited to contacting them personally. Also, not sure if I should mention the campaign.

5. Try and find their emails to contact them personally about awesome ideas.

What do we think?


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