Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ABD to PhD: Week 1

Long-term Goal: write Chapter 3 (Overview) of my dissertation

Week 1

Goal: complete the "master" table from which I can write up information for my "overview" chapter

Outcome:  I probably should have looked at my chapter 3 and tables before writing my goals last week, because I actually had a lot of it done. It is over 20 pages and three of the 4 sections are drafted, if not great. I was able to complete my master table and I wrote a page of the remaining section as well as organized what I had already written. 

Goal for Week 2: What I need to do now is go back to my records and fill in all the information about where/when the meetings on which I am working were held - which I should have done 5 years ago - and then write it up. 

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