Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Potty Training Successes!

I have been slowly trying to potty train Q for a while. I think we bought her an elmo potty in April? Q has always come into the bathroom with me (oh joy), so that wasn't anything to add.  I would suggest she would sit on the potty fully-clothed and sometimes she would, sometimes she wouldn't.

I had decided back when we bought the potty that we would try anything serious until July and, well, here we are. First, I tried the no diaper method. Q had a few accidents and refused to sit on the potty for more than .2 seconds.  She has a bladder of steel and started holding it for up to 3 hours since she seemed dismayed by the accidents, but didn't want to sit on the potty.

About two weeks ago, Q was on her potty and tried to get off while asking for a "pillow." I said, "Do you want a pillow on your potty? Is it too hard?" She said yes, I folded a towel in a horse-shoe shape, and she sat ... and sat ... and sat. She was very happy. We would read and color and watch some tv. She would sit for 20 minutes at a time with nary a complaint nor wiggle. But no pee.

(Q puts her doll on her potty. We're all about comfort in this family.)

I bought her some undies over the weekend. Some thick gerber ones, vinyl covers, and some Minnie Mouse ones. She wore the Minnie undies for a few hours yesterday, but nothing.

Today, my parents - who were visiting for the past week - left and Q and I decided to be lazy.  I asked her if she wanted to wear underwear, she agreed, we put it on and I waited. I waited until she would give unhappy grunts and get fussy. I started to realize she was probably getting the urge to pee, but holding it in. Each time, I would sit her down and she went three times!

I covered her with stickers.

(It is cool to wear stickers on your back.)

Unfortunately, she refused to wear a diaper to nap. I put a vinyl cover on her. Let's hope for the best.

Oh, and don't worry, I know it isn't over, but we like to celebrate every step of the way. Makes the journey more enjoyable ;)

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