Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goals! And A Typical School Day Schedule (3 days a week)

In advance, I apologize for the seeming constant use of the word "usually" and promise that it will be used less soon!


My goals are to do at least 1-2 multi-part and longish (approximately 30 minutes or more) activities with Q in or around our neighborhood every day. We do go to the park about 1-2 mornings a week or the local pool (yet again 1-2 mornings a week), but these are usually 1-2 (wow, I really like those numbers) hours long and, thus, do not fill a day. Every other week I hope to do a BIG activity with Q, such as trip somewhere, even if it is just a ride on the local metro train, which Q loves because it is a choo-choo!

Basically, I am trying to maximize our time at home. On non-school days, she will have more independent time scheduled than school days during which I will set out a few small activities (coloring/blocks/pretend cooking) that she can do by herself.


You'll note that Q watches a tv show about 2-3 times a day. By the end of the day, I am usually just biding my time until H (aka my husband) comes home.

8:15am – MiP (me) wakes up. Shoot! Already late. Showers.
8:45am – Wakes up Q (yup, I often have to wake her up), dress her, run downtairs with her, make breakfast, make her lunch. Sometimes let Q watch a show while I run around like a madwoman.
9:35am – Head out the door to drop Q off at school, which started at 9am.

** work break **

1:00pm – Pick up Q, snack squeeze packs in the car on the way home.
1:10pm – Let Q run around like a crazy girl for 20 mins and then bring her up for naptime.

** work/housekeeping while Q sleeps. Her usual afternoon nap is from 1:30-4:30pm, but just because it is usual doesn’t mean it always happens **

4:30pm – Q wakes up. Bring her downstairs, give her a snack and her coloring books/crayons, while starting dinner. This time is pretty much free play.
5:00pm – Dinner! Usually let Q watch a tv show.
5:30pm – Read with Q for about 10-15 mins.
5:45pm – Sing silly songs and practice jumping or something similar for about ten mins.
5:55pm – Let Q watch another show.
6:20pm – Play with blocks/pretend kitchen/puzzles/play catch in rotation until H (husband) comes home unless I’m too tired/zones in which case at some point this becomes free play.

6:45pm – H comes home!
7:15pm – Bath and bedtime prep!
8:00pm – In her glider with me to begin the falling asleep process. Usually in her crib (still awake) by 8:15pm. We are in the process of her falling asleep without one of us in close proximity (I’m currently sitting in the hallway where she can see me), but this isn’t a sleep training blog, so we’ll let this be the close of Q’s day.


  1. Alex is asking me when I will get him on such a groovy schedule...

  2. tell alex once he starts napping by himself that i'll send maisie over to baby-sit (and nap with him) :)