Friday, July 29, 2011

Activity #6 - Following the Leader

Q insisted on wearing "unnies" when she got home from school today and before her nap. Hope that is a good sign.

Today's activity doesn't often take up a full 30 minutes, mainly because MIP gets tired and Q gets the hiccups from laughing too hard.  It does, however, come with a song!

"Following the Leader" from Disney's Peter Pan (<--- click here)

Activity #6 - Following the Leader:  The idea behind this activity is more of an easy to do obstacle course, but a fairly easy one. I start, naturally, by telling Q to follow me and the I start crawling all over. We go under tables, around chairs, over (well, I go over, Q just scurries around) chairs, across floors into different rooms, take down couch cushions, crawl on them, roll over them ... it is usually at this point that the giggling has proven to much for Q and she begins to hiccup. We try to sing while we are crawling. Q only knows the "following the leader" line, but she sings it very well. By the end, we are both out of breath and resting on the couch cushion.

H has always been the funny parent, so this game - and others like it - are my attempt to show Q that mommy can be funny, too!!

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