Monday, July 11, 2011

Activity #1 - Pretend Grocery Shopping/Cooking/Feeding Toys

Alright, first things first, Q and I need to get up earlier. I am going to try and get up by 6:45am tomorrow, so that I can exercise and shower/get dressed before I wake Q at 7:45am.

If I manage to get us up this early, it will give us (after getting dressed and having some breakfast) some time to play before we leave for school at 8:55am. Q's lunch is already made (yea leftovers!). Without further ado, therefore, is our morning 30+ minute activity for tomorrow:

Approx. Start time 8:15am:
Pretend grocery shopping and cooking! 

Q has a toy shopping cart, plastic food and a toy kitchen with pots and pans, but all you really need for this are a shopping bag (can be an oversized purse), food from your own kitchen or cut out pictures of food/store items, and your own pots and pans. I have also given Q an old purse of mine and wallet with some expired bonus cards in them that she pretends are credit/debit cards. First, we'll set up the "store" by sorting her plastic food (veggies and fruits in one area, dairy in another, etc.)  Then, we will discuss the food we are pretending to buy and what we will cook with them.  

(Accessories make everything better.)

Next, Q and I will head over (all of 3 feet) to her kitchen set and pretend to bake/cook them. While the food is “cooking,” we can read a book or play with blocks, but we will remember to go back and check (you know, make sure nothing is "burning")! I will probably – with Q’s help – set the timer on the microwave for 5 minutes. Then, we will pretend to eat the food and feed some to her toys.

(Photo of Q baking and about to feed my old baby doll. H's studly legs are in the backround.)

Obviously, I doubt any of these activities will go as smoothly as written, but I'm hopeful!! When dealing with a toddler, every step in a process is insanely fun to them, because they don't know the difference between work and play. I am planning on capitalizing on that. 

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