Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Activity #2 Bird Watching!

Positives: I have been waking up Q by 7:45am. She only watched one show on Monday and two on Tuesday (no school).  We have done puzzles with each other and read books and sung songs.  We hung out at the library Tuesday morning with some new friends and attended both the toddler and infant classes (one of said new friends is under 6 months old). Q is loving it all.

Negatives: You can bring a toddler to water, but you can't make her drink. I have suggested grocery shopping/cooking/feeding toys since Monday afternoon (the morning got away from us) and Q has refused.  I feel better, though, that I have this activity in my back pocket for when she does want to play with her kitchen. Unfortunately, I have not been exercising in the morning, but I have been waking up before Q to start getting ready and exercised during nap on Tuesday.

Alright, here is our adventure from Tuesday night!  We went grocery shopping after Q's nap, then had dinner, and went Bird Watching!

6:00pm – Bird Watching!  I believe costumes and wardrobe choices help everything. For this, Q and I wore our adventure/explorer hates (floppy brimmed tan hats, but any hat will do).  I don't know about you, but we have lots of empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. We took the toilet paper roll, cut in in half, and taped the two pieces together to make binoculars. 

(Very professionally done binoculars.)

Q and I took turns looking through them to find birds. We, then, took a walk around the block and looked for birds of any sort and discussed their colors as well as what they are doing (sitting/flying/eating/singing).  We tried to count them (but Q refuses to say "one," and always starts with "two." If you ask her how many of anything there are, she always says, "two" - unless it is her lovies. She knows she has three of those.)  Of course, we also discussed cars/people/plants/other animals.  H's grandfather and father (Q's PawPaw G) were and are avid birdwatchers, so I also like to think this activity will help keep the family tradition going.

(Q tests the binoculars on our patio. I tried to take a shot from above to better see the binoculars, but Q was on the move.)

Great fun and many giggles were had by all. Q is getting pretty good at remembering that planes are not "buhds" (birds).

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  1. Love your blog! "New friends" say Hi! :)