Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disclaimer, Update, and an Excellent Video from The Mompetition

Disclaimer:  The homemade binoculars are about as crafty as you are going to see this blog, so if you are hoping for projects for which they is massive prep the night before once our babes are in bed ... well, this is not it. I'm all about projects that require no or little prep OR prep with which a toddler can help ... which isn't much. There are lots of crafty blogs out there, though, if that's your thing ;)

Update: Q wanted to cook tonight! I thought, "Great, I will get to implement my awesomely shiny plan for faux-shopping, cooking, and feeding!!" Yeah, Q didn't like how I was sorting and, then, she just wanted to run over the food with her grocery cart. She did, however, like cooking with her pots and pans. We never even got to trying to feed her toys. Win some, lose some I guess. There's always tomorrow.

Excellent Video from the Mompetition about the rabbit hole that is posting about problems with your kids (but really anything) on facebook and all the "helpful" advice. (Air quotes!) Just click on the link:
The Mompetition: Dislike: "Does the world really need to know our thoughts at all times?"

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