Tuesday, December 18, 2012

They knew they are loved

As the funerals are carried out this week, I continue, like so many of us, to feel for the families, but I also believe that those we lost knew they were loved. As a mother, I really believe that, no matter how scared or how awful, in that moment, in their core, those children carried with them every snuggle, every kiss, every one last tuck in, every head rub, every rush to their side when they cried, every booboo kissed, every book read "just one more time." I believe that they knew they were loved and treasured. I have to.

I am going to donate to one of the funds for the families of the victims, though I have not decided which one yet. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Tomorrow, I will probably return to regular blogging, just to give myself a break. I wish those families had the same ability to turn off the news and not have their reality forever horribly altered. I just hope that they know that even if they didn't get one last kiss or "I love you" that their children knew. One horrible, devastating moment couldn't take a lifetime of love away from them.

**Update** A friend's little sister contacted one of the Funeral Directors. After discussing the matter over with him, she set up a little fundraiser for the funeral expenses of one of the little girls. We donated to that as it reminded me of a discussion over life insurance policies in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" when Francie's mom is unable to afford the family's life insurance policies and the agent suggests that she drop the children's and just keep it for her and her husband, because Francie and Neeley would need help to bury their parents if anything happened, but, if something happened to the children, Johnny and Katie would find a way through the help of family and friends and community.

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