Friday, December 28, 2012

Activity #8 - Exercising with Your Baby

Z is an athlete. I think. She's not even 4 months old, but I'm pretty impressed. I may be easily impressed as I am NOT an athlete (but H is).

Z works out at her gym. Take that Giraffe!

I plan to run a half-marathon in January 2014 at Walt Disney World, though, and am starting to get myself into gear. The majority of baby weight is gone (only 2lbs left out of the 44 I gained - would you like to see the Excel spreadsheet?) and I am easing back into exercise that consists of more than walking.  I bought a copy of Just Dance 4, which can be found at this link: Ubisoft Just Dance 4 Wii 17720 (Google Affiliate Ad) as well as Just Dance: Disney Party (no affiliate ad, just my love for it). We have already started rocking out to the former - which has the extreme bonus of including Army of Lover's "Crucified" (<--- youtube clip of the awesomeness that is that song in case you don't know what you are missing) - and gifted the latter to Q for Christmas.

In a few months I hope to begin a training regimen for running, but I am taking it slow as I don't want my milk supply to drop. From everything I read, it seems like 6-9 months is plenty of training time to run a half-marathon, which means I should start around April or May 2013 and be fine.

While hanging out at home, thought, I have begun exercising with Z, who is a large almost 4 months, as my weight. She especially loves when I bench press her, though it can get a little dangerous as Z is a spitter upper and massive drooler, but those are the hazards we mothers are willing to undertake to get a proper giggle out of our munchkins.

Here are some web resources I use for inspiration for exercises to do with your baby:

YouTube Video for Exercising with Baby

12 Exercises for Moms and Babies

Babble's List of 10 Exercises for Moms and Babies

Good luck! Let me know what your favorite exercise is :)


  1. 6-9 months is definitely a long time to prepare but it all depends on where you're starting out. Are you comfortable running three miles? Six? Or can you only walk two miles? Either way, there are a lot of plans that accommodate various states of fitness.

    I'm thinking of doing the Disneyland half in August, which I'm sure is going to be as hot as Lucifer's ---.

    1. I can only walk right now and have never been a runner. I think the most I've run is 3 miles and that was on a treadmill and years ago. I am hoping slow and steady finishes the race.

      It will be hot, but awesome. Have you always run? You are seriously kicking butt right now.

    2. Sounds like a great plan. Slow and steady also lets you enjoy the course!

      Been running off/on for a year, but started to seriously train in September for the LA Marathon. I'm actually not very fast, but have been developing crazy endurance with little to no recovery time between runs. Weird. I think Christina probably has more natural talent though.

      I've never been to Walt Disney World and am totally jealous that you're going :)

    3. Wow, you are doing really well if running is relatively new for you! Also, you've never been to Disney World? We'll go sometime :)

    4. No, never been! Would like to...

      Happy new years!